Magnet Weight Loss Diet Patch

Magnet Weight Loss Diet PatchProduct Features
• Magnet Controls Weight Loss, No Chemicals Added (10 Patches)
• Dermathol Magnet Patch Acts as Acupuncture Point
• Controlls Excessive Appetite, Increases Bowel Movement
• Promotes That Slim Figure and Increases Weight Loss
• All Natural Herbal Ingerdients Assits the Magnet’s Effectiveness

Product Description
Magnets have been in use for hundreds of years and have found to be effective in helping the body function properly. 10 Patches included per order

Safety Information
This product is not intended for children or pregnant women, or women in their menstrual cycle.

This product is intended for adults trying to lose weight.

Ginseng, elaterin, honeysuckle, aloe, fiveleaf gynostem herb, semen cassiae torae, folium nelumbins, barbary wolf berry fruit

Apply one patch to a different part of the body every 2 days. Place on a clean dry area of the skin. placing on the navel is the most effective use on the patch. Remove old patch and replace with a new patch. Drink plenty of water, eat good non greasy food, and try and get some minimal exercise such as walking each day.

  • Model: MWLP-10
  • Shipping Weight: 2.1lbs

Price: $12.99 for 10 Patches

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