Stop Smoking Patch

new patches210Product Features
•Herbal Stop Smoking Patches (30 Patches)
•Won’t Make You Sick, Like Some Products
•Satisfies The Body’s Craving For Nicotine With A Herbal Substitute
•Easy and Safe To Use, Great Price Dermathol Quality
•Lets You Cut Down At Your Pace


Product Description
The natural ingredients will allow you to gradually cut back and quit smoking. The first day you use the Dermathol Stop Smoking Patch, you will smoke half of what you normally smoke. Withdrawal symptoms will be milder due to the natural nicotine substitute, which helps you shake the nicotine habit gradually. Furthermore, to help you in this process, the Dermathol Stop Smoking Patch herbal formulation contains herbal ingredients that also combat the anxiety and depression that affect most people who are trying to quit smoking. The other good news about this natural way to stop smoking is that most of the harmful effects of smoking for years will start to disappear gradually once you stop smoking completely and as the nicotine intoxication wears off. Shipped with 30 patches in a package.

This is a great product for people that are trying to quit smoking, or cut back on their smoking.

Lobelia, Plantago, Catnip, Chamomile, Passion Flower, St. John’s Wort and Licorice Root.

Place one patch in a smooth skin area, free from hair, lotions or humidity. The arm, wrist and back are the areas most recommended for applying the patch. If you have sensitive skin or if you are allergic to adhesives, we recommend that you alternate the place where you adhere the patch every day to avoid skin irritation. Replace the patch with a new one after 24 hours.

  • Model: SSP30
  • Shipping Weight: 0.8lbs
  • Manufactured by: Dermathol

Price: $16.45 for 30 Patches

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