TrimPatch 24 Seven

TrimPatch 24 Seven Weightloss PatchIntroducing NEW TrimPatch 24 Seven™ – This really is the king of weight loss patches: the weight loss patch that keeps working all day long.

The TrimPatch 24 Seven™ is different to many weight loss patches you may have seen on the market, Trim 24 Seven™ uses a matrix technology delivery system to ensure your weight loss. This ultra efficient method of delivery means that our patches are able to hold almost 4 times more active ingredients than many of our competitors’ patches. The only slim and detox patch able to include 10 natural active ingredients to maximize weight loss and fat reduction.

TrimPatch 24 Seven™ is also different because we only use the finest natural ingredients available from sustainable crops around the world.


Fucus Vesiculosus Extract (12mg)
5 HTP (12mg)
Guarana (9.6mg)
Zinc Pyruvate (3.6mg)
Yerba Mate (2.4mg)
Lecithin (2.4mg)
Flaxseed Oil (1.2mg)
L-Carnitine (1.2mg)
Zinc Citrate (1.2mg)
Sweet Vanilla Aroma

Price: $15.99 for 30 Patches

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